Sunday, October 23, 2016

Making a comparison

In this preview of #19 Miami, former Spartan Rashad Muhammad is projected to help but not start for the Hurricanes. That's another thing to keep in mind as he would be the leading scorer for SJSU while playing 30 minutes a game. A gap between the wanna-bes and the already-theres remains although it's hopefully diminishing for the Washington Square roundballers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two minutes with Coach Wojcik on the new players

A Spartan preview from the Las Vegas beat reporter

"San Jose State out to beat last-place prediction" -- Mark Anderson

It concludes: "San Jose State committed to bolstering the backcourt in recruiting, with four of its five new players being guards.

“That’s going to help us, no doubt, because I think our strength is going to be our threes, fours and fives,” Wojcik said, referring to the frontcourt. “How quickly (the guards) grow is going to be a big factor, but from right now in the first two weeks of practice, I’m liking what I’m seeing.”

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A pretty sparse and unhelpful analysis

"2016-17 Preseason Power Rankings: The Mountain West" -- Chris Schutte

This article is of the 'Mountain West Conference for Beginners' type. One won't learn a lot but it does offer names and elements to further explore.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Mountain West Conference media poll

Geoff Grammer:

MWC preseason media poll (1st place votes in parenthesis):
SDSU (23) 293 points
Nevada 253
New Mexico (3) 249
Fresno State (1) 200
Boise State 164
Utah State 153
Colorado State 146
UNLV 120
Air Force 90
Wyoming 73
San Jose State 41


MWC Preseason Player of the Year
G Elijah Brown, jr., New Mexico

MWC Preseason Newcomer of the Year
G Montague Gill-Caeser, so., San Diego State (Missouri)

MWC Preseason co-Freshmen of the Year
F Jalen McDaniels, San Diego State
G Koby McEwen, Utah State

Preseason All-Mountain West
G Elijah Brown, jr., New Mexico
G Trey Kell, jr., San Diego State
F Cameron Oliver, so., Nevada
F Tim Williams, sr., New Mexico
F Jalen Moore, jr., Utah State

Thursday, October 6, 2016

SJSU staying on Stroud

Jerina"San Jose St. at San Joaquin Memorial today for 2019 G/Wing 6'5 Deon Stroud. Deon projected to have big high school season."

Stroud has difference-making athleticism but needs to better his ball skills:

From a recent event: "Dion Stroud, a bouncy 6-foot-5 sophomore wing, had some of the most impressive finishes at the event so far. Stroud has grown physically since we’ve last seen him and is ironing out the kinks in his jump shot. His handle is not quite as tight, nor his first step quite on the level of Green’s, but he’s one heck of a long-term prospect in his own right."

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A beat reporter offers his take on this season's MWC

Geoff Grammer takes a pre-season look at the Mountain West Conference offering his predicted team finish, all-MWC players and more.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

More random thoughts and questions

Here's a followup piece to this earlier article.

* Who is going to be the guy who takes (and hopefully makes) the last minute shot in a tied game or one in which the Spartans are down by one or two points? It helps if that individual is one who can generate space with his dribble so as to get a decent or good look. It also has to be a player who can make his free throws which is problematic if Brandon Clarke is designated due to his 56% accuracy at the foul line. Also, Clarke is now listed as a forward.

* What's interesting is the starting lineup as well as significant playing time still looks to be very fluid, probably based on who is contributing that night.

* The thought here remains that Ryan Singer must be a rebounding and defensive factor in order for the team to be successful. Whether he can score inside remains to be seen.

* Ryan Welage is not a really center but can he defend the more athletic and mobile power forwards he'll be facing?

* Will Cody Schwartz step up and display a multi-faceted offensive repertoire in his second season? If positioned at the three, can he defend there?

* Every player here has significant room for significant improvement in certain aspects of their respective games. Right now, there's not really a 'complete player' who will necessarily be a plus on both sides of the ball.

* Another major concern is who can be together out on the court without creating glaring holes? If Clarke is at the three, it's likely that both guards will need to be shooters. But it's desireable to have him defending the four, even at 210 pounds, because that will keep him around the basket defensively and on the boards. Can a frontcourt threesome of Singer, Welage and Clarke work? Or Singer, Clarke and Schwartz?

* Keith Fisher is a likely redshirt due to his recovery time.

* It looks like it will be a fascinating backcourt scenario with each talent appearing on the court in interesting combinations. E.J. Boyce will be there for outside-shooting needs with Terrell Brown in when dribble-driving and athleticism will be effective against the defense. Gary Williams Jr. possesses the most complete game offensive and finding him for open looks should be job one for his teammates whether he ia at the two or the three. A now leaner Jaycee Hillsman can also play the two and three but needs to demonstrate he can consistently produce. Isaac Thornton will don the 'what needs fixing?' uniform as long as that doesn't require shooting.

* Still not seeing Jalen James as a 25-30 minute a night guy at the point in the Mountain West but would love being proved wrong. Otherwise, it's freshmen Nai Carlisle and Isaiah Nichols. Both appear to have bodies ready for college and Nichols was impressive recently. Get the kids in there and accept the errors and miscues.

* Who, if anyone, will be the first to step up and out as the star of the team? Many would nominate Clarke but that's a premature assessment until he can make defenders play him honestly when he faces up

SJSU offers 2019 shooting guard

Gamepoint Basketball: "2019 G Ryan Langborg (La Jolla Country Day) has received an offer from San Jose State University."

He possesses a high IQ and is an excellent shooter who is developing more to his game.