Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting more from Moore

Kyle Goon explains that a freshman could be an important factor in Utah State's season -- his father played for the Aggies.

Looking at the BSU frontcourt

Michael Steen writes about the element he says will make or break Boise basketball in 2013-14 -- the frontcourt.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Comparing the MWC & the WAC

From the For-What-It's-Worth-Department (not a knock on KP) Mr. Analytics Ken Pomeroy has issued his 2014 pre-season team rankings and the best of the Mountain West Conference come out this way:

#17 New Mexico

#42 Boise State

#64 San Diego State

#69 UNLV

#78 Utah State 

SJSU is positioned at #272

For comparison's sake, the first WAC team is New Mexico State at #90.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we're not in Kansas anymore. It's a whole new basketball universe.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zylan Cheatham picks San Diego State

Coach Steve Fisher and San Diego State is just loading up on excellent prospects and Percy Allen details another Aztec-to-be.

Get SDSU to the Pac-12 and quick what with Cheatham plus fellow prepsters Trey Kell, Kevin Zabo and Malik Pope. This will infuriate some but there's just no way the second tier Mountain West Conference programs will be able to compete. Plus, even the highest rated of these guys will play at least two seasons before serious pro consideration.

It's way past time for honoring former Spartan basketballers

Take a read -- a lot of valid points are made here:

Marek Warszawski
The Fresno Bee

They call it a tunnel, but it's really a bridge.

When the Bulldogs take the field Saturday night against UNLV for homecoming, they'll run through a tunnel formed by former players. Last year, 200 Bulldogs alumni made up that tunnel. This year, 300 are expected.

Down in that tunnel, Paris Gaines will look to his left and see Alan Harper. He'll look to his right and see Devon Banks. They'll look back at him, hear the roaring crowd and be transported to 2001, the last time they played together.

"I'll feel so proud and so blessed standing next to my teammates and next to guys who graduated in the '80s, the '70s, and the decades before that," said Gaines, a former 1,000-yard rusher.

"Whether we graduated in 2001 or '81, the one thing that connects us is we all put that helmet on."

That's what makes the tunnel more like a bridge, one that spans generations of players and joins them to the program and to Fresno State.

For an instant, time just vanishes.

"It's one of those moments words can't describe," said Lance Dueker, a linebacker from 1989-1991. "You're filled with chills and excitement. Brought me back 25 years."

But our bridge doesn't stop there, in the past. It also extends to current players, the guys wearing helmets and pads.

So when the 2013 Bulldogs see hundreds of jacked-up alums on the field during pregame, it's a jolt of realization that they're part of something bigger. Bigger than themselves, and bigger than the team.

Defensive end Nikko Motta, who grew up in Sanger as a Fresno State fan, understands this better than most.

Thinking about last year's tunnel, Motta recalled an encounter with his high school athletic director, ex-Bulldog Jesse Hardwick.

"Afterward he came up and loved me, smacked me on the head and was all fired up," Motta said. "That was pretty special for me. …

"Those are the guys who started this tradition. It didn't just happen. We didn't magically become good. We're just continuing what they built."

Pride and tradition are a huge part of college football, elements that can't be measured on a stat sheet. Especially to former players. The feeling of being part of something means more to them than any yards, tackles or touchdowns.

For many years at Fresno State, this bridge was out. Or at least in dire need of repair. But things have been mended, thanks in large part to a determined ex-Bulldog.

In some ways, Kevin Jordan was the ideal repairman because his career straddled Fresno State's two most recent eras. The lineman was recruited by Jim Sweeney and played for Pat Hill.

Jordan, who graduated in 2000, spent a couple of seasons on NFL rosters until multiple knee surgeries cut short his career. He returned to Fresno in 2007 to found Keeping Youth Journeying Onward, a nonprofit that operates six group homes for at-risk youths.

Back in town, Jordan kept running into ex-teammates and other former Bulldogs, and many of them shared the same complaint. They felt disconnected.

"A lot of guys just didn't feel welcome," Jordan said. "In their eyes, Fresno State was looking for money instead of just welcoming them back."

While Fresno State has honored star players and standout teams, there had never been an effective effort to include all former Bulldogs, whether they were All-Americans or walk-ons that barely saw the field.

That isn't to say no former players stayed involved. Dueker and business partner Jeff Thiesen of Thiesen Dueker Financial Consulting Group are as plugged in as any ex-'Dogs. In the '90s, they started a football alumni network that has since morphed into Club Red, now part of the Bulldog Foundation. But Dueker understands the underlying sentiment.

"When Pat Hill came in, he changed so much of what Coach Sweeney did," Dueker said. "Not in a malicious way. He was just trying to move the program forward, but a lot of guys maybe felt alienated by that. They felt a little bit less welcome."

Enter Tim DeRuyter, who replaced Hill following the 2011 season and instantly embraced all Bulldogs traditions, no matter the era.

Jordan sensed the opportunity for a fresh start, so after he and DeRuyter got to know each other (KYJO hired 11 current players in 2012 to work as summer youth counselors), he approached the coach about a plan to engage the alumni. For DeRuyter, it was a "No, duh" moment.

"I've been here 20 months — I didn't build this program," he said. "It's those players who played here over the decades that built it, and for them to feel some ownership in it and be able to be recognized and have a connection with the current guys is just a great situation. I commend Kevin and the guys he's working with for getting this going."

This is about more than back-slapping and reminiscing. Fresno State benefits, too.

Take the case of Juan Bautista, a former walk-on who went on to medical school.

Now Dr. Bautista is back practicing in his hometown. But he wasn't involved in his alma mater until last year's homecoming. In the months since, he started donating money to the BDF and gave a presentation to Fresno State's sophomore male athletes about sexual health.

"I'd go to games, but I didn't know anyone there," he said. "Now my Bulldog pride is back in a big way."

That's why Bautista and dozens of ex-Bulldogs will gather tonight at the Duncan Building and lead current players to a 7 p.m. pep rally at Bulldog Boulevard.

That's why so many are participating in Saturday's BBQ Cookoff from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at O'Neill Park. And that's why you'll see so many of them on the field during pregame, forming that alumni tunnel.

It's all part of Bring It Home Weekend, a second-year tradition that already feels as comfortable as old slippers.

"It doesn't matter who the coach is, because coaches come and go," Jordan said. "But the one thing you can't change is that we were all Bulldogs.

"So it's up to us to keep tradition going. Nobody else."


Here's what's taking place here:

Reconnect, Reminisce & Cheer For The Spartans
Oct. 24, 2013

Join San Jose State University Athletics and the Order of Sparta for the 2013 All-Sports Reunion at the Saturday, November 9 home football game when the Spartans host San Diego State in Spartan Stadium.

Athletes, former coaches and staff from all years and all sports are invited to reconnect and reminisce. Enjoy the chance to meet up again with former athletes and coaches in your sport over the years and your friends from other teams as well.

The All-Sports Reunion kicks off at 3:30 p.m. with a fun, family-friendly pregame tailgate located in the Fan Fiesta lot located at the corner of 10th Street and Stadium Way. The tailgate ends at 7:00 p.m. when the Spartans will march into Spartan Stadium and rally the football team to victory.

Tickets for the All-Sports Reunion are free for former San Jose State University student-athletes. There is a $25.00 per person charge for each guest. Food, drinks and a game ticket are included with your registration, but parking is not.

For more information and to make reservations, contact Amy Friedhoff of San Jose State Athletics at (408) 924-1445 or


A noble and certainly laudable SJSU event -- let's hope it will be extremely successful.

A suggestion: a basketball-only get-together for former players. The time is way past due. Let's end the could-care-less shunning.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Wolf Pack are big on the frotnline this season

Chris Murray assesses the five talents making up Nevada's frontcourt this season. Each has different strengths and weaknesses but all are true bigs. Let's see if a scorer emerges.

New Mexico basketball is bigtime

College Sports Madness has New Mexico as the 16th best team this season. The Lobos come to Walt McPherson Court on January 11.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Underclassmen Ford hitting SJSU

Lester Diaz tweeted: "...Ford has unofficial at San Jose State..."

That's 5-foot-11 2016 sophomore Jordan Ford out of Folsom High. He averaged 13.5 points and 3.3 assists as a frosh.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geoff Grammer previews the Spartans

Geoff Grammer previewed the 2013-14 San Jose State Spartans and a number of Coach Wojcik quotes are sprinkled throughout. One example:
“Year three for me in my mind is what I’m targeting.”

Monday, October 21, 2013

Utah State with another backcourter

Utah State sure is stocking up on guard types for next season -- per Verbal Commits: "2014 Miami Dade College (FL) G Darius Perkins has committed to Utah State"

He tripped to Logan the weekend of October 12-13 and is known as a very solid scorer with excellent shooting range.

The 6-foot-2, 205 pound Perkins had academic troubles last season and was unable to play as of January. This article has him back for the 2013-14 season.

So that makes four USU commits thus far for the November signing period -- all backcourters:

* Henry Bolton, 6-foot-1, combo guard, Rhode Island HS
* Julion Pearre, 6-foot-2, SG, Texas HS
* Chris Smith, 6-foot-4, SG/SF, Yuba College
* Darius Perkins, 6-foot-2, CG, Florida JC

As for next season (2014-15), the Aggies are projected to have junior Marcel Davis as the starter at the point, with 6-foot-4 JoJo McGlaston either as a sophomore or a redshirt freshman. Plus, there are other fringe sort of prospects.

Carter in Cyprus

Former Spartan Wil Carter is now playing professionally in Cyprus: "Cypriot team Keravnos Strovolou announced on his official website the signing of the American power-forward Wil Carter. He spent his rookie season in Holland with Shoeters Den Bosch and averaged 12.5 points and 6.1 rebounds per game."

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How does an opposing coach compete with this?

From Mark Ziegler:
SDSU and New Mexico don’t play until February, but they are already going head-to-head. Both schools are finalists for four-star forward Zylan Cheatham, who has already visited SDSU and was in Albuquerque this weekend.

Cheatham’s visit coincided with New Mexico’s Midnight Madness festivities, called the Lobo Howl and attended by 10,000-plus. People waved “Z” signs and chanted, “We want Z.” Fans also showed up at his hotel upon his arrival.
How doesSJSU and others compete with this for the hearts and minds of recruits?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

SJSU in on a 2015-er

Per Lester Diaz: "Jordan Roberson is 6'4 "has high interest from San Jose State, Portland, Irvine, UOP, Utah State, medium Fullerton, Cornell"

Northern Arizona has already offered.

Roberson is a 2015 guard out of Cordova High in the Sacramento area.

Friday, October 18, 2013

If Boise basketball can do it...

Jeff Eisenberg covers the rise of Boise State basketball.

A snippet from the opening:
...Rice walked onto the court for Boise State's season-opening exhibition game against UC-Colorado Springs three years ago and discovered that cavernous 12,500-seat Taco Bell Arena was nearly empty. The announced crowd that night was 1,599, but Rice doubts there were even half that many fans in attendance.

"You could hear crickets," Rice said. "You could have fired a cannon in there and you wouldn't have hit anybody. I have three sons, and one of my sons said to me, 'Oh dad, there's nobody here.' I told him, 'Just hang in there. We're going to get it going. We'll have an amazing fan base.'"
There's just so many things to comment on.

SJSU fans have literally gone to their graves waiting for a successful Spartan basketball program (notice the use of the word program and not season although when was the last one there?)

Those still remaining are wary of getting hopes up because such has been dashed and crushed so many times. Once, twice, thrice burned...

It's understandable.

It's reasonable.

Plus, Boise didn't have the spectre of Cal and Stanford plus a plethora of professional teams casting any 'competitiors' into the shadows.

But yet, I still believe SJSU hoops can become a successful program, meaning one that commands attention for more than a floor design plus national respect. No, making it to the Final Four is not part of the dream -- let's be real.

A larger recruiting budget has opened up territory, and thus talents, previously unavailable.

An assistant coaching staff, one that has an aptitude and respect previously off limits due to salary offerings, is in place.

We have a head coach who sees defeat as unacceptable.

The most honest way to put matters now is that San Jose State University men's basketball has a chance, unlike ever before.

Terrence Johnson hearing from the Spartans

From AZ Power Basketball: "AZ Power 2015 G is hearing from Weber St, Portland, Gonzaga, San Jose St, Santa Clara, NAU, & Grand Canyon"

Here's the young man's background and photo.

Jeff Eisenberg on the MWC and SJSU

Jeff Eisenberg has harsh Twitter words for the SJSU basketball situation:
Plus, unlike Boise, even if he wins, I'm not sure SJSU ever draws fans. At best, the third school in a pro sports market.

That is a HARD job. He's at huge disadvantage against every MWC school in every way, from fan support, to facilities, to budget
It hurts but sometimes that's what the truth does. But it's being taken on.

College Hoops Journal responded with:
Yeah, recruiting will be tough. Still, he already got Pepperdine transfer Jordan Baker, who's really good. Fun development.
Here's Eisenberg's Mountain West Conference preview.

The Lobos at #17

Scott Gleeson/USA TODAY continues with his national college basketball team countdown and has New Mexico, the Mountain West Conference fave, at #17.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

News uniforms too

Tyler Moorehead comments on the new uniforms SJSU will be breaking out this season. After clicking on the link and a slight scroll down, you'll see freshman Rashad Muhammad sporting the new look.

Going up against big-time talent

Another reminder of the talent level SJSU will be facing in the Mountain West Conference: Top 100 Players  
46. Kendall Williams (New Mexico)

Vitals: 6-4 | Sr. | G

Comment: The reigning Mountain West Player of the Year scored 46 points against Colorado State last season. He can carry the Lobos.

47. Alex Kirk (New Mexico)

Vitals: 7-0 | Jr. | C

Comment: Kirk made a big jump (in minutes per game and production) from his freshman to sophomore year. Might another jump be on the way?

65. Derrick Marks (Boise State)

Vitals: 6-3 | Jr. | G

Comment: Marks had six separate games last season in which he scored 25 or more points – and five games in which he dished out seven or more assists.

71. Deonte Burton (Nevada)
Vitals: 6-1 | Sr. | G

Comment: The Wolf Pack were a disappointment in their first season in the Mountain West, but it wasn't Burton's fault. He could be an NBA player.

83. Anthony Drmic (Boise State)

Vitals: 6-6 | Jr. | G-F

Comment: Drmic combines with Derrick Marks to form a dangerous duo at Boise State -- with Drmic providing the consistent long-range shooting.

100. Josh Davis (San Diego State)

Vitals: 6-8 | Sr. | F

Comment: Davis averaged 18 points and 11 rebounds at Tulane last season. He'll have an immediate (and big) impact at SDSU.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Six Hires That May Not Turn Out So Well

Rob Dauster produces another one of those lists that certainly will draw hits (we love our lists) but really requires much more detailed drilling down and explanations. Such as this selection:

...Dave Wojcik, San Jose State: The Mountain West has been one of the deepest conferences in the country the last few years, and they’ve only gotten better with the additions of Fresno State, Nevada and Utah State. Wojcik will be starting at the bottom, which is never easy. At least he has a cool court."
There's no need for Pollyanish embellishment here -- it is a very, very tough job. That cannot be denied.

But now the SJSU coach can recruit a roster of out-of-state prospects if need be and that certainly deserves a mention. Coach Wojcik has a set of very solid assistants, ones that will move on and up come the future. Plus, the team will play harder than ever before.

What bears watching is can this coaching staff develop talent? SJSU is going nowhere unless that element is rolling.

Wins will certainly be hard to come by, especially in the first few seasons. But the Spartan inclusion here at a minimum deserves a more comprehensive analysis.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pity Pepperdine

The Deseret News ranks the teams from the Pac-12, Mountain West Conference and West Coast Conference and SJSU comes in at #33. Pepperdine is the caboose.

We all know there is a long way to go so this is what it is. Hopefully the players will use it as incentive and hold that being the guys who established the program's credibility as one to fear is a tremendous goal to achieve.

It still causes pain

It's certainly water under the proverbial bridge but it s-t-i-l-l hurts:

Shamburger leads the way in scrimmage

Still fresh in the memory is the bashing of Keith Shamburger as disloyal for transferring. What's a player supposed to do when the AD isn't fully committed, all in, to its college basketball team?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Watch out for BSU

Dan Levine/College Sports Madness previews Boise State and pegs the Broncso as the #29 team in the nation.

New Mexico is still to come.

Yes Virginia, SJSU isn't in the Western Athletic Conference any more.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Garrett Ton update

It's always a pleasure to catch up with former Spartans and here's information on Garrett Ton (SJSU 2007-2012), who is both attending graduate school and working at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

Q: What was your B.A. degree in at SJSU?

GT: I graduated back in May, 2012 after my redshirt Senior season and earned a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis Sport Management.

Q: Do you have contact with any of the former players and coaches?

GT: I still talk to a few of my former teammates. Justin Graham, Matt Ballard, Wil Carter, Moses Omolade, Aalim Moore, Kyle Thomas, and Jerry Casey are the players I talk to the most. Luckily with Facebook I am able to see what the majority of my former teammates are doing and will see how they are doing and let them know to stay in touch. The coaches I have been
in contact with are Coach George Nessman, Coach Brent Davis, Coach Tim Marrion, and Coach Talvin Hester. I have also remained in contact with the Deputy Director of Internal Operations Marie Tuite and former Athletic Director who is now at Memphis Tom Bowen.

Q: What graduate degree are you seeking?

GT: I am pursuing my Master's Degree in Sports Administration at Marshall University. I am planning to graduate in December 2014.

Q: How did you decide on Marshall for your graduate degree?

GT: I started looking for graduate assistantships as soon as I finished my last season as a Spartan. I sent out many emails to different athletic departments seeing if they had anything available. I had one interview during that process but I did not get the position. I went back home and worked so I could make some money and was the assistant coach for my high school's varsity basketball team. During the whole time I was home, I kept looking at the NCAA website. The NCAA has a job site where they post many different positions available at all the divisions in the NCAA. I kept applying for many different GA positions and graduate schools and was getting to graduate school but could not get the interview. Back in April, I got an e-mail from the Director of Events Tom Ponietowicz, who is a great guy and great person to work with and has been great to learn from since I have been here, asked for an interview. The rest is history.They offered me the position and I accepted it.

Q: How did you end up in events and operations there and what are your duties?

GT: They had three positions open in Facilities and Operations in the Athletic Department. Two with facilities and one with events and operations. They were interviewing for all three positions during the interview process. I did not know I was going to be named the GA for Events and Operations until I got to Marshall back at the end of July. My duties include scheduling ball girls for all our home Women Soccer games, scheduling the 5th years to work volleyball games, making credentials for football games, giving tours of our football facility, help schedule opposing teams practice when they come to play Marshall, be the Event Manager for Women Soccer, Women Basketball, and Softball, and other duties assigned to me by Tom Ponietowicz.

Q: Five years down the road, where do you see yourself?

GT: Five years down the road I see myself working in an athletic department at a Division I institution somewhere in events/facilities operations being the director or the assistant athletic director.

Utah State with another verbal -- a Cali JC wing

Utah State has landed a wing -- Chris Smith out of Yuba College.

Kyle Goon and Shawn Harrison have the background.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This cannot be topped

At the Mountain West Conference coach get-together this week, Colorado State Coach Larry Eustachy offered the best of the best lines while demurring with fans expectations of his team: "CSU coach Larry Eustachy on fans expecting team to be better than last year: "They did legalize weed here."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The MWC media has spoken

Here are all the team finish and player honors predictions courtesy of the Mountain West Conference media.

What's new with Walt McPherson Court

Jeff Eisenberg writes about the new court at San Jose State University.

What, no spears?

Monday, October 7, 2013

More on the Utah State 2014 commits

Kyle Goon adds more on Utah State landing its third backcourter for 2014.

Coach Wolcik on the MWC Media Day

Catch SJSU Coach Dave Wojcik as part of the Mountain West Conference Media Day:

Wake Up with Wojcik Breakfast

Get an opportunity to interact with San Jose State's Head Men's Basketball Coach Dave Wojcik in an intimate setting for breakfast. Coach Wojcik will discuss X's and O's, recruiting and general college basketball topics. A full breakfast will be served.

Details: Open to all new and old Spartan Hoops Fans Where: Rosie's New York Pizza, 1285 The Alameda in San Jose Time: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Cost: $25 per person, includes a full breakfast and donation to the Spartan Foundation 

•Thursday, October 24
•Thursday, November 7
•Thursday, December 12
•Tuesday, January 7
•Tuesday, February 4
•Monday, March 3

For more information cotact:
Blake Sasaki
Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations

Grammer writes the MWC will be a New Mexico and Boise State world

Geoff Grammer/Albuquerque Journal offers what he sees happening in the Mountain West Conference this season.

Another MWC preview

Jeff Borzello previews the Mountain West Conference.

Bolton to USU

2014 shooting guard Henry Bolton commits to Utah State.

Aggie backcourter Preston Medlin is a senior and his offensive firepower is going to be difficult to replace.

Other schools in the mix to varying degrees: Boston College, Colgate, Lehigh, Minnesota, Robert Morris, Rutgers, URI, Utah State, Virginia, Wagner.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

McNeace goes with the Sooners

Verbal Commits reports that 6-foot-10 Jamuni McNeace has cast his lot with Oklahoma. He is in Norman this weekend on a visit.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Basketball Tip-Off event

Excitement is building as the 2013-'14 Basketball seasons near for San Jose State. Here is your chance to hear from new Men's Coach Dave Wojcik and new Women's Coach Jamie Criaghead as they'll introduce their staffs and the players as they prepare for their respective seasons. Mingle with our student-athletes and learn more about the upcoming inaugural season in the Mountain West Conference.

Wednesday, Oct. 16
Club Auto Sport/521 Charcot Ave.
Reception/Silent Auction 6:00-6:30
Dinner/Program 6:30-7:30
Cost:  $50
Sponsor a player:  $50

Gold Sponsor: Corporate Opportunity
Signage at the Tip-Off event
Tabling opportunity at the Tip-Off event
Mention in pre-promotion of the Tip-Off event
-Social Media
-E-blast to boosters
Opportunity to address the crowd at Tip-Off event
Plus:  All of the ticket perks listed in the Blue Sponsor Package
Cost:  $3000 Donation
Blue Sponsor:
Includes ten (10) tickets to the Tip-Off Dinner
Twenty (20) tickets to choice of two (2) basketball games
Four (4) baseline seats to choice of two (2) games
Hardwood Club access at your selected games
Ten (10) GA tickets to a 2013 San Jose State Football Game
Cost:  $1,500 Donation

White Sponsor:
Includes six (6) tickets to the Tip-Off Dinner
Ten (10) tickets to your choice of a basketball game
Four (4) baseline seats to choice of one (1) game
Hardwood Club access at your selected game
Four (4) GA tickets to a 2013 San Jose State Football Game
Cost:  $750 Donation

RSVP to:  Mike Chisholm

Friday, October 4, 2013

Idaho Statesman MWC beat reporter and his 2013-14 projections

Dave Southern/Idaho Statesman shares his plethora of Mountain West Conference pre-season picks.

SJSU maintaining contact with Martin

A Miles Martin tweet: "Got a great call from coach Wojcik today checkin up, can't say many coaches out there would do that man it's definitely a huge pro."

The 6-foot-10 Martin is at Riverside City College, probably for the next two years, but SJSU staying in contact should make the Spartans the frontrunner for Martin's eventual services.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Boise State points producers

Myron Medcalf profiles Boise State backcourter Derrick Marks while Dave Southern does likewise with wing Anthony Drmic of the Broncos.

It looks like these guys will be 20 point a night scorers as the entire starting five returns for Coach Leon Rice. BSU finished 21-11 overall, 9-7 in the Mountain West Conference last season, really playing only one big.

The Aggies to D up even more

Kyle Goon writes that it was, is and always will be defense first for Coach Stew Morrill at Utah State.

Coach Wojcik interviewed

Matthew Snyder serves up a Q-and-A with Coach Dave Wojcik.

Spartans offer 2015 Arizona backcourter

A Kenny Mullins tweet: "Congrats to 2015 6'2" G Sammy Barnes-Thompkins (Sunnyslope) picking up his first offer from San Jose St. tonight at open gym"

Here's a June 2013 feature.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coach Rodney Terry talks about his 2013-14 Bulldog squad

Robert Kuwada, the beat reporter for Fresno State basketball, talked with Coach Rodney Terry:
Fresno State basketball: Coach Rodney Terry firm on expectations as practice begins
Robert Kuwada — The Fresno Bee
September 30, 2013

Fresno State has had a rough time in the first two years under coach Rodney Terry, who inherited a bottom-level men’s basketball team in the Western Athletic Conference and was tasked with elevating it to the Mountain West, which a year ago was the second toughest league in the nation.

Year three looked promising, with an influx of talent in the past two recruiting classes. Oklahoma State transfer Cezar Guerrero is eligible, giving the Bulldogs more of a true point guard. Marvelle Harris and Tanner Giddings, who played significant minutes as freshmen, are back. A second strong recruiting class is in with Paul Watson, Alex Davis, Karachi Edo and Emmanuel Owootoah.

But over the summer center Robert Upshaw was dismissed for violations of athletic department policy and in September forward Braeden Anderson was injured in an auto accident and is out for the season.

The frontcourt depth that was there now isn’t. But the expectations remain, and Terry is not recalibrating the definition of success for the Bulldogs, who started practice Monday for a 2013-14 season that includes rough nonconference road games at Pittsburgh, Utah and Cal and a neutral site matchup against Florida before they get into Mountain West play...
Go here for the remainder.