Friday, June 16, 2017

Can SJSU become an asset?

Part of a Chris Murray interview with Nevada AD Doug Knuth:

RGJ: You said Nevada was part of the issue with the Mountain West. This year was your best season in terms of average finish in the Mountain West. Do you feel like you’re now an asset to the conference?

DK: “I don’t know if we’re an asset yet. I would say we’re not as big of a liability as we were. I’m just being honest. Anybody who would look at us the last few years in a couple of sports, they would say, ‘You’re not helping the conference. In fact, you’re hurting and bringing some of us down.’ We’ve gotten back to a position we’re middle of the pack and top quarter in some sports. We’re not hurting the conference as much, but I wouldn’t call us an asset. Someday we will say, ‘Nevada has done a really great job and they’re winning conference championships and they’re in the top three in half their sports,’ and then we become one of the assets.”

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