Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Maybe I'm being Debbie Downer here. Maybe. To the question of why so negative, it has nothing to do with Coach Prioleau or AD Tuite. It's based on a history of emotional investment getting crapped on again and again.

This is all based on history. Look at the tenures of Bill Berry, Stan Morrison, Phil Johnson, Steve Barnes, George Nessman and, yes, Dave Wojcik plus Randy Hoffman, Chuck Bell, Tom Bowen and Gene Bleymaier. We're talking FOUR DECADES of failure, 40 years. All the well-meant words and catchy slogans were sunk by underfunded programs and crony hires of guys who you wouldn't even want running a prison let alone "leading" young men.

It's based on wising up to the fact that Spartan basketball is "Waiting For Godot" on repeat.

It's based on having earned the right to say enough with the talk -- produce the results.

So does the current team look promising? Yes. However, personnel holes and questions remain. Most importantly, will Coach Prioleau have a Mountain West Conference appropriate recruiting budget at his disposal? Will there be few, if any, geographical recruiting restrictions? Will the handcuffs be removed and disposed of?

It's now or never.

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