Thursday, August 10, 2017

Walter Graves?

Okay, what's the scoop with Walter Graves?

In Coach Prioleau's KNBR interview with Tolbert and Lund, he talked about each player (name-by-name as listed on the official SJSU roster) but skipped over Walter Graves. Was it an oversight? Is Graves not there? Does he need to pass some summer classes first?

Prioleau also mentioned a new name -- not sure how to spell it but it 'sounded like' Ryan Perillo. Googling didn't produce a basketball player by that name.

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  1. Coach JP was talking about Ryan Parilla, who went to James Logan HS (Union City). I don't know why his name is not on the roster yet, since one of the photos on his twitter feed shows him with SJSU gear and suggests he took a summer class at SJSU. It also sounds like he'll be a walk-on for now, since I only heard of him recently.